Board Rework System, Complete PRC 2000 is a Process Control System for universal assembly and repair of electronic assemblies.

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Board Rework System, Complete PRC 2000 is a Process Control System for universal assembly and repair of electronic assemblies. The system includes the power source with a selection of accessories and functional aids. It’s an advanced, self-contained rework and repair system created for the service bench or production workstation. The PRC 2000’s Thermal Management Center powers and controls three SensaTemp handpieces simultaneously for safe, rapid installation and removal of virtually all surface mount and thru-hole components. Fully self-contained with three separate pumps for Sodr-X-Tractor, ThermoJet, and ThermoPik operation, liquid dispensing and Pik-Vac component handling. Wide array of standard hand-pieces, nine in all. Continuous automatic calibration, auto/manual temperature setback, auto power down, and constant memory. Built-in password security function. Auto tips offset compensation system. Three auxiliary SensaTemp controlled channels (rear panel) for future AC line powered accessories.

PRC2000 Features:

  • Universal SMT component installation and removal
  • Self-contained solder paste and flux dispensing – no shop air needed
  • Built-in vacuum and Pic-Vac component handling wand
  • Includes handpieces for hot bar SMD rework, circuit repair, removing conformal coatings, thermal wire stripping, conductive/resistive tweezer soldering, more.
  • Lightweight, variable-speed Micro-Chine handpiece for repairing precision circuitry substrates

ThePik & Pastesection features a self-contained high pressure air supply with timing control for precise dispensing of solder paste and other materials. The vacuum pick has a finger actuated release for convenient component handling. TheMicroChineis a lightweight, variable speed machining handpiece for precision circuitry and substrate repair. With its tachometer feedback, the MicroChine can maintain controlled drilling and milling rates under varying loads. The MicroChine’s patent probe brake feature instantly stops machining at a selected layer depth for safe multi-layer repair. The Pulse Heatsection provides variable controlled, low voltage AC pulse power to an array of specialized handpieces for safe surface mount rework, circuitry repair, auxiliary heating, coating removal and thermal wire stripping. The Pulse Plate section offers variable controlled DC pulse current for high-quality electroplating of edge connectors and other circuit contacts with gold, nickel and other metals. (Electro Plating Kit optional)

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