WJS 100 High Power Soldering Station with TD-100 Iron

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The WJS 100 is fully programmable, loaded with features (Temperature Setback & Auto-Off; Password Lockout, Temperature Range setting and more), and incorporates PACE’s exclusive IntelliHeat™ Control Technology. The unit can be upgraded by adding the optional Instant Setback Cubby which places the iron into Setback Mode after 45 seconds of non-use. This significantly extends tip life, especially when working with lead-free solders (see WJS 100 with Instant Setback Cubby). And you can use the optionally available MT-100 MiniTweez Surface Mount Rework Tweezer with the WJS 100 with its new WJS High performance tweezer tips, part numbers 1128-1001-P1 through 1128-1011-P1.

Primary Features:
Nearly twice the maximum power output increases performance and through-put at safer, lower temperatures – even on the heaviest loads! 
Lowest cost of ownership: Single point WJS Tip-Heater Cartridges cost approximately $12 (US). Compare that to the much higher prices of Hakko, Metcal, Easy Braid and JBC tips!
Quick Change Tips can be changed in seconds without tools, and most tips heat up within 10 seconds flat!
Adjustable and accurate temperature control ensures that operators are not locked into a single temperature. Compare Metcal, Easy Braid or Thermaltronics, which require separate (expensive) tips to be purchased for each temperature desired!
Instantaneous Load Sensing and On-Demand Power: Thermal demand is continuously monitored and the heater responds immediately by providing power to meet the demand from the work, without overshoot.
IntelliHeat Control Technology
Tip and Tool Stand with Sponge & Stay-Moist Well, non-abrasive Brass Wool to clean oxidation from tip and holds 6 tips
Optional Instant Set-Back Cubby available for extending tip life
Completely ESD/EOS safe; ESD Grounding jack
Durable aluminum extrusion housing incorporates “T-Slots” for mounting
Capabilities can be expanded by addition of optional MT-100 MiniTweez Surface Mount Rework Tweezer
Can be mounted under bench or shelf with optional Bracket pn 1321-0609-P1 Stackable

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