PRC 2000-TH Through Hole Miniature-Microminiature Electronic Repair Station

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The PRC 2000-TH can tackle just about any Thru-Hole, SMT application, and is well suited for multilayer repairs on damaged or prototype PCBs. Featuring 3 simultaneously active SensaTemp handpiece channels, a built-in paste dispenser, MicroChine for removing conformal coatings or grinding away PCB laminate, and pulse heat technology. The PRC 2000-TH’s Thermal Management Center powers and controls three SensaTemp handpieces simultaneously for safe, rapid installation and removal of virtually all surface mount and thru-hole components. It is fully self-contained with three separate pumps: one for desoldering, hot air jet and thermal pick handpieces; another for solder paste/liquid flux dispensing; and finally a separate pump for Pik-Vac Component Handling Wand. Other features include continuous automatic calibration, temperature setback/auto-off safety system, constant memory, password protection and more!

Advanced System Capabilities:
ESD-safe repair of any electronic module, PCB or PWB including multilayer and flexible printed circuits
Easy and safe removal of thru-hole and surface mount components from circuit card assemblies
High reliability soldering via conductive, convective, resistance and lap reflow soldering techniques
Clog-free desoldering using continuous vacuum Solder Extraction  – shop air not required
Conformal coating removal, including epoxy, urethane, silicone & acrylic … even parylene coating
Precision drilling, grinding, abrading, routing, brushing and cutting, for conformal coating removal/pcb repair
Drilling Test Probe/Brake Probe capability for multilayer pc board excavation
Substrate repair, including burns and delamination
Damage-free thermal wire stripping for removal of all types of insulation, including Teflon
Self-contained solder paste and flux dispensing – no shop air needed
Built-in vacuum for vacuum/component handling wand

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