PH 100 Low Profile PCB Preheater

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Sleek, incredibly low working height improves operator comfort and reduces fatigue, perfect for under microscope, Intuitive 3.5″ resistive Touch Screen Display provides easy adjustment of all operational, temperature and power settings, 4 Robust IR Heating Elements provide 1600W of power, Glass-ceramic surface re-emits heat in uniform manner, providing fast and even preheating with minimal shadowing, Large 300mm x 300mm (11.8″ x 11.8″) heating area provides full board preheat, Customize color scheme and button layout at will, Magnetic PCB Holder is easily adjusted to a variety of height/ size combinations, Front and Back Heating Zone temperatures can be independently controlled, Closed-Loop Temperature Controlled by either internal sensor or one of two external thermocouples, Efficiently transmits heat without emitting irritating visible light as other IR systems do, Handles large assemblies (295mm/11.6″ x unlimited) as well as small or irregularly shaped boards, Auto-Off safety system automatically powers-down heaters, Set-temperature range of 20° – 200°C (68° – 392°F), Independent temperature offset adjustment of heating zones +/- 50°C (90°F)

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Made in the USA


Heating Area

300 mm (11.81") W x 300 mm (11.81") D

Temperature Range

20°C – 200°C (68°F – 392°F)