PCT-1000 Programmable Preheater

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The PCT-1000 is a programmable preheater that provides users the ability to increase heat capacity with highly controlled thermal output. The PCT-1000 can be used in a variety of processes including soldering, desoldering, SMD rework operations and, with its added heat capacity, will provide faster production rates while lowering overall process temperatures.
Adds heat capacity and enables lower process temperatures, Increases through-put and reliability of soldering, desoldering and SMD rework processes, Four-zone programmable settings for time and temperature to create optimum thermal profiles for varying application demands, Storage for up to fifty user defined profiles for quick, easy set-up, User selectable control of heating at source (internal) or at target (external), Controlled cool-down eliminates thermal shock to PCB and components, System safety feature automatically shuts off heating when fan is stopped, High efficiency vortex heater design maximizes ramp to temperature for increased productivity

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Made in the USA


Temperature Range

25-400°C (77-752°F)